Curation, design and communication campaign for Spain Emotion for Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX). The exhibition showed more than 50 products of Spanish design during Tokyo Designer’s Week 2008. We chose emotion as a common thread for the exhibition, something very representative of the Spanish character. We wanted to create a dramatic and inspiring experience for the visitor. In order to communicate emotion we created a space more like a theatre than a gallery or museum, a space designed to entertain, seduce and surprise rather than just display. Four large shelves act as theatre stages, with a backlight that transforms the object into a character, using colour as a narrative element.

White objects are brought to life by the constant changing colour of light. The visitor becomes the spectator using the off-cuts of the shelves as seats.

For the advertising campaign we used long exposure photos of leds in movement, which were then inverted to create a clearer and more striking image