A new concept for Roca’s stand at 100% Design London. Roca is the world’s leading bathroom company and the stand signified the public launch of Roca’s transformation from “producer” to “innovator”.

Waterdrop is a homage to water. A spectacular and engaging experience capturing the beauty of water. Waterdrop invites us to enjoy and explore water without even using a drop, thereby representing Roca’s fundamental belief that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand. The centerpiece is a representation of the beautiful experience of a drop falling into water, creating an enigmatic rippling movement.

The installation uses innovative and sophisticated technology in an unexpected and inventive way to portray this captivating natural phenomenon. A blue moving line of LEDs surrounds and defines the space, communicating the importance of this element as well as acting as a welcoming invitation.
The project intends to create debate and discussion about water. The public can leave comments about what water means to them.